Fahrzeug: Audi 200 quattro turbo
Races: VLN, 10 x 24h
Only Nürburgring and Nordschleife
Driver: Christian Kohlhaas
More Drivers: Dirk Riebensahm
Christopher Gerhard
Franz Fabian
Timo Rumpfkeil
Franz-Rudolf Wilbert
Dieter Scharpe
Engine: mtm

24-Stunden #10:
10 times 24-hours!

For the tenth time the MTM-Audi is competing at the Ring´s 24-hours, read all about the team, the drivers and the event in our Team-Introduction Section at the Forum (in German). The Audi has finally seen the checkered flag again, even though not shown its full potential. However, 100 laps have been recoreded, something to start with. Let´s hope the ADAC allows the Audi to enter the race again in 2005!

24-Stunden #9:
Checkered flag at last!

Even though it was no easy walk, the Audi has seen the finish flag. Have a look at our race report in the Team Section of our forum (in German). As a small souvenir for an action packed 24-hours race and also as a thank you for the great support all around the Nordschleife we have an Audi Onboard-Video from Qualifying and if you want to have a go yourself you can enter the Audi at the Computer Game Sports Car GT .

Result 24-hours: Position 81.

This year the Audi was exceptionally run by four pilots, because after Timo Rumpfkeil the Equipe was supported by Elvis. With big sympathy we remember the personal fitness trainers Elvis has brought all the way over the Atlantic. Elvis is alive!
The start of the Audi was promising: position 21 on the grid. In the first laps Chris won additional places. Unbelievable but true: Dirk overslept the start in Quiddelbach! Unfortunately the forth gear gave up pretty early, the Mayer team changed the engine settings to give the Audi more torque in the fifth gear. But it shouldn't stop with the fourth gear failure ...

Result 24 Hours: DNF at night 1 am with gear box failure. But the Audi comes back!

Many fine improvements again for the Audi: a new engine setup increased the output to 450 PS combined with a even more impressive torque curve, the tyres grew to 280 (former DTM tires) and a new race spec gear box together with a middle differential improved the handling of the AWD Audi. However, also some cracks had to be welded in the body. This year the car has been taken care of by Mintgen Motorsport, but surely some of the original crew were not missing either. Unfortunately the race did start with early technical problems and was finally finished by a Porsche, who closed the door at Brünnchen in the middle of the night. This was the first accident of our Audi. We will be back!!
Result 24-Hours: DNF accident :-(
But we will be back!

Now the Audi appears in fresh signal-silver. The wheels have been upgraded from 17" to 18" (240 width tires) and a new air inlet increased the engine output to 430 PS. The aerodynamic has smaller wings, now it is exactly the DTM V8 setup. Again countless tyre failures due to the rims, and at the end only half turns have been possible. The rest you can read in detail at nurburgring.de, because 2000 was also the birth year of our webpage.
Result 24-Hours: 16th overall

Despite the many fallbacks the Audi has developped further: new aerodynamics, 6-speed box and the impressive powerplant of the RS2 (2,2L 20V), now able to put out 370 PS. Again guided by Stefan Reinhold the Audi was allowed to stay within the special Zakspeed tent (as the victorious Viper and the Zakspeed Clio). The race was dominated by countless tyre failures due to defect rims, but still:
Result 24-Hours: 11th overall

Another rivival and Steff Reinhold gets used to the role as team boss. Surely the engine has been revised and the car presents himself in the new silver paint. But sadly the engine gave up already during practice: the middle piston burned.
Result 24-Hours: DNF, engine failure

Again the 5-zylinder 10 valve engine (2,2L) has been used, now upgraded by MTM to reach about 300 PS. The race was quite promising, the Audi was posiotioned 16th overall at 11 p.m. But then the engine blew heavily due to a faulty crankshaft sensor.

Result 24-Hours: DNF, engine failure

The first 24-Hours race was chaos grande: no roll-out before the race with the new and upgraded car, witnessed by the eyes of Willi Bergmeister the Turbo blew after half a lap. Helmut Potsche helped out to resolve the crisis and the Bergmeisters somehow managed to install the air jacks overnight (Friday to Saturday) in the pits into the car. The first race still gave a lot of reasons to celebrate: after Chris did 3 turns in a row during the night the team was positioned 5th overall! Shortly after the race was restarted due to heavy rain the servo pump collapsed and Fredl Schwaiger managed to exchange it in a world record time of 12 min (!!).
Result 24-Hours: 29th overall.

The Audi had to wait a long time for his rebirth. Gerd 'Worldwhite' Weiß, racing engineer at the time at Audi Motorsport, introduced Christian Kohlhaas (being a student) with Dieter Scharpe (also working at Audi Motorsport). They bought the car together with piles of spares for 6.000 Deutschmark and motivated Dirk 'Rübe' Riebensahm as third driver for the project.
The revitalisation came hand in hand with an upgrade to group A: 17" wheels and suspension of the successful V8 DTM Audis, Lucas race spec brakes, removal of center diff, back 75% and front 25% differential, big 120 L tank, new wiring. The engine stayed untouched with 220 PS (standard: 160 PS). Even the paint stayed original (black).

Too good for normal roads, Willi Bergmeister decides to get the Audi fit for the Nordschleife. The result was racecar towards group N regulations. The first race appearance was the 24-hours (Bergmeister, Kuhlendahl, Trinkt), but unfortunately without seeing the finish line.
Result 24-Hours: DNF (reason ?)

Willi Bergmeister buys the car as a show car for his Audi garage.

Birthday of the Audi. He has been born as a 200 quattro turbo in black and started his life as a Audi AG directors car in Ingolstadt. At that time he probably only knew the Nordschleife from stories on the street.

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