N-Sticker Set via Letter Mail and you decide how much you pay.

    Height of the 4 N versions: 2,5 cm, 3 cm, 6 cm and 10 cm.

    April 13th, 2014
    (Update Nov.2016: yes, this is all still valid!)


    This is the short text - 4 N stickers in different sizes via letter mail - further down you can read all about the details.

    1.) Send me an email with the subject "N-Sticker" and your postal address to: mike [at] renn.tv

    2.) As soon as I receive your address I'll send out the stickers - worldwide - via airmail letter. (Please don't ask for more than 1 sheet, see below.)

    3.) Send the amount of money you can/want afford to:

    Michael Frison
    IBAN: DE12 5708 0070 0662 2975 01

    Or alternatively to my paypal account:

    Link to Paypal Transfer or paypal.me/renntv.


    By now that N has a tradition of over 10 years - I brought it to the Nordschleife for the first time back in 2002 for the start of the season.

    The idea was to use it as some kind of award for all the drivers, teams and cars, which made us having such a great time.

    And the drivers - always on the same wavelength as us - had fun and took part in that little game.

    I would never have believed the it would become such a wide spread - I'm still puzzled when I think about it. Still I registered it as brand already back in 2003, just to protect it against abuse.

    Today it appears like a symbol of days gone - the great time at the Nordschleife without FIA fence, without GT3s, without NuroDisney, without insolvency and without expropriation!

    But despite all the headwind of recent years, it's now widely accepted as a symbol of the underground - both for lovers of Nordschleife as well as friends of real and grounded motorsports.

    I resisted to sell the sticker for a very long time. Not to annoy anybody, but to highlight the non-commercial character of the N.

    As more and more people asked for it and answering all these questions just consumed too much of my time, I decided to offer the 6cm version via the counter of Hotel Tiergarten. And clearly there is still the master layout, which allows you to make your own private version.

    It comes with some disadvantages though: you had to turn up in person, there was no way to get some sent via letter. If you can't make it to Tiergarten you had to somehow make them yourself and these one-offs were of rather lower quality. But I want you to have access to the finest material available! ;)

    Bottom line, I never was fully satisfied with the situation, but I had no better idea.

    Now I want this to change: the non-commercial aspect is still important to me, thus it's your decision how much money these stickers and my work is worth to you. If you are short on funds, keep it low - if you want to do me something good, be more generous.

    I won't wait for the receipt of your funds, but will send the Ns on their way as soon as I have your postal address in my inbox.

    The procedure is as easy as possible both for you and for me: send me your postal address - worldwide - and I send you the sheet with 4 different sizes of N. Plus 2 renn.tv stickers, for which there was space left ;)

    Please understand that I can only send 1 set at a time. These stickers are meant for your private use. I created the sheet that way that it perfectly fits into an envelope and I've prepared these already to put your address on and send it off:

    Some words are needed to the quality of the stickers, because they are as good as it can get. To start with they are produced through screen printing, which makes the red really strong - proper paint. Still the resolution is so high that the URL can easily be read even on the smallest version:

    The coin for comparison is a 1 cent piece.

    The film is very thin and of finest quality - if you are skilled you can even put it on curved undergrounds.

    And to resist the workaday like of a racecar, protective coating defends even against brake cleaner!

    The producer - Michael Spuhn of Halter-Werbung - I have met during the Ja zum Nürburgring protest in Mainz, he brought with him a pile of #ringdemo stickers - cleary one of the good guys! :)

    Some pictures of the manufacturing process - the punch cutter:

    …and the mesh for printing:

    The punching machine is truly special: it's a newpaper printing maching from 1960 (!), which has been converted to do the job and reliably does so ever since - real craftmanship:

    If there is one machine on earth which has earned to blank the Ns, it has to be this one! :)

    I'm sure the new Ns will find worthy homes! Don't forget to post pictures with the hashtag #Nfected on your favourite social network! :)

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