Update 10. August 2021

Good Bye Mike's Blog!

(Diese Seite auf Deutsch ist hier.)

It wasn't an easy decision to make, but my blog is history. Looking back, you and I have been involved in this project for over 20 years and it has seen many ups and downs. You all know them - I don't have to list them here - but at the end I would like to thank everyone who went on this trip. It was (mostly) a good time and valuable experience - and a big part of life.

But it also took a lot of time and energy - nothing is forever and every end is a new beginning. I am very curious what it will be like not to write a blog anymore. Thank you for the nice time together - on the Internet, but also in 'real' - see you!

P.S.: As long as I still have N stickers (I still have plenty!), you are welcome to have them sent to you as usual: 20832.com (see below). And if you are interested in other of my digital creations: Qizzio is the keyword.

N-Sticker via Mail

For all those who can't just buy the stickers in Nürburg (Hotel Tiergarten) or Breidscheid (Café Strack), here is how to receive them via postal service.

The sticker sheet - which perfectly fits a standard envelope - hosts 4 different sized Ns - ranging from XS to L. And as there was some space left, a pair of fancy renn.tv stickers too.

New since July 2020: 2 sticker sheets for every letter!

The price of the stickers? Your choice - you decide how much you donate. Keep it low when you are short on money, be generous when you are keen to support my work.

I have this procedure in place since 2014 and it works like a charm - many thanks to all of you who keep it fair.

Please understand that I can only send 2 sets per person, as the Ns are meant for private purpose. I designed the sheet to exactly fit an envelope and the pre-configured letters are only waiting for your address.

How it works:

You send me an email with the subject "N-Sticker" and your address in the proper postal format including country:

to mikefrison [at] renn.tv

You may add some nice words - but that's completely optional and you might also skip that.

As soon as your email with your address reaches me I'll post the stickers - except when I'm on the road, busy or ill or so. Usually it's pretty fast. Anyway, I will not check any money tranfers upfront.

My bank account details:

Michael Frison
IBAN: DE12 5708 0070 0662 2975 01
Account No.: 0662297501
BLZ: 570 800 70

Paypal is an option too: Link to Paypal Transfer or paypal.me/renntv.

Or how about a surprise from my wishlist?

Or rather for our little princess? Here is her wishlist - it keeps the ladies in good mood and as you know: happy wife - happy life!

In case this whole thing is new to you - here some background. No - I would never have imagined that this little logo will spread that far.

I came up with the N in 2002 as some sort of recognition for my Nordschleife website. I always loved typography, logos and design and enjoyed creating things. Even more so when the audience likes them too. In the meantime I live out my artistic antics as Qizzio.

In 2002 the Mercedes-Arena was under construction, that is why the pits were entered from the wrong side. This Edgar-Dören-Porsche with Timo Frings behind the wheel was the first officially Nfected car.

The colour choice is easy to explain: red and white for the curbs and black for the tarmac - done. Symmetry is an important aspect - like contrast - and some sort of WTF? effect. In the early days folk could only do the stickers themselves, there was no way to buy them.

Even more so as I registered the logo as brand already in 2003 - as measure of precaution. The trouble with the home-made versions was their poor quality, which made me to rethink and finally distribute the Ns via mail. Which obviously has been a welcomed especially abroad.

Fast forward 20 years and the scene wouldn't be the same without the logo. Originally concentrated on Nordschleife racing, these days it is like a reminder of past times - the crazy and wild days at the Ring without FIA fence, no leisure park, no insolvency, no GT3s!

An established symbol of the underground - for both the Nordschleife lovers as well as for friends of real and grassroot motorsport alltogether.

You know: I resisted for a long time to offer the sticker for sale. Not that I didn't want to, but I always have been keen to maintain its non-commercial character. I keep that, because there is no price for the stickers: only you decide how much they are worth. With a process as easy as possible: you mail me your address and off goes your letter.

If your N suffers beyond patina or you get a new car, please don't hesitate to order new ones.

Some words about the quality: it's top-notch. Silk-screen printing with a red as red as it can get - proper paint. Still the resolution is very detailed, even on the smallest version the URL is easy to read.

For comparison this is a 1-cent coin.

The film is very thin and high-grade, properly done it can be used on round objects too. And to withstand the day to day life at a race car, they have a protective film to even fight brake cleaner.

The producer - Michael Spuhn of Halter-Werbung - I have met at the 'Ja zum Nürburgring' protest march in Mainz - came with a big box of #ringdemo stickers for the participating cars - good man!

Some pictures of the production process - the punching tool:

... and the sieve for the print:

The punching tool is pretty special: a former Heidelberger newspaper printing machine of 1960 (!), which has been modified for this task - as it does reliably to this day - real craftsmanship.

If there is one machine to deserve punching the N stickers, it has to be this one!

I'm sure the new Ns will find worthy homes! In case you post pictures, please remember to tag with #Nfected. :)

Check out the N-Parade ... to be continued ...