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3 hour RCN race

Verfasst: Mi 02.Aug, 2017 23:29
von Alan Cherry
Hi All,
Apologies for writing in english ( mein Deutsch ist schrecklich ) Can anyone tell me if there is a 3 hour round of the RCN in 2017, and what date is it being run?

I entered in a few rounds of the RCN in 2006/7 in an old Rover. At the time I entered using a UK National A race licence because the event had authorised foreign participation - Is this still possible please ?

I now race a BMW in the UK and wndered if it would be possible to take in some rounds of the RCN in 2018 ?

Any answers would be gladly received

Many Thanks Alan

Re: 3 hour RCN race

Verfasst: Sa 12.Aug, 2017 15:07
von Philipp Buehler
The 3h is on Oct, 15th ... 2017-10-15

I dont know about license terms, you might get an answer from Mr. Hillebrand via email (see link above for contacts).

A note on 2018: you'll be required to run on a certain Hankook tyre type (Ventus Race F200).

Re: 3 hour RCN race

Verfasst: Fr 18.Aug, 2017 21:27
von Alan Cherry
Hi Philipp,
Thanks for the information. I have had a quick look at the tyres you mentioned. In te UK I think they would cost about 1000 euro for a set of 4. I guess they are a similar price in Germany. What tyres would I need for wet weather ? 1 set I could probably afford, but slicks and wets might make it a bit expensive. My only race in October this year is at Oulton Park on 28th, so I may come over and watch the 3 hour race and get some more information.
Thanks again for the information.