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Pre-Ring questions: my first time

Verfasst: Fr 06.Jul, 2007 18:23
von Laurens Nijssen
Im planning to go to the Ring 22nd of july. It'll be the first time a will drive a lap on the Ring.

Do you have any tips to do this as safely as possible?

Some info about my car:

Nissan Primera SLX sedan
2.0 16V, 135 PK / 174 nM
open airfilter
18" 215/35/18 Falken FK-452
stock suspension
stock brake system, only have Textar brake pads in the front

Is my car Ring-proof enough to do a nice lap? Will my brakes hold?

Verfasst: Fr 06.Jul, 2007 21:28
von Matthias Schrimpf

I think your car is ring-proof enough. I have driven there with cars that were total stock.

The first lap is something special. Just donĀ“t try to race.
You know the track from Videos or Games?
If so, good then you know a bit about the sequence of the corners.

I wish you a lot of fun.
Take care and let faster cars pass you on the left side.